One of the machines at the Salesian Press in Sliema © All rights reserved David Schembri
© All rights reserved David Schembri 2014
My MacBook Pro is not only alive, it is also capable of introspection, here reflecting on the surgery detailed in this article.
This is yoga at its best. I didn't take this picture, someone from did.
Kappillan ta' Malta Poster
Walid Nabhan by David Schembri
Artist Raymond Pitrè reflected in one of his works Photo: David Schembri
Clare Azzopardi
Photo: Virginia Monteforte
Ray Calleja
Guitar legend Carlos Santana caught in action by Matthew Mirabelli
A picture of a picture of Mimi looking at pictures, in Liminal, by Gilbert Calleja. Photo: David Schembri;
The Boston Boys
One of the many surreal moments in Joshua Oppenheimer's The Act of Killing