Anna-Helena McLean performing in Moon Fool's Titania at the Teatru Salesjan in February 2013.
Clare Azzopardi
Photo: Virginia Monteforte
Ray Calleja
Guitar legend Carlos Santana caught in action by Matthew Mirabelli
A picture of a picture of Mimi looking at pictures, in Liminal, by Gilbert Calleja. Photo: David Schembri;
The Boston Boys
One of the many surreal moments in Joshua Oppenheimer's The Act of Killing
Robert McKee
Republic Street, Valletta,  8 December 2013
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© David Schembri 2013
Last time I checked, Delimara wasn't being powered by sunshine and windmills. Illustration: Daniela Attard (Iella)
©David Schembri 2012
Slava Popov by David Schembri