A Christmas Lament

Once I left education and started my working life, the rhythm of the holidays that punctuated my year made way for a formless mass of days, identical to one other, until all of sudden, the days start getting shorter, the nights longer, and before you knew it, it’s Christmastime again. Shit.

And I used to look back, and all I could see was this formless mass, a day lived over and over again for the past 50-something weeks, and nothing to show for it I deemed of any value. The more the days rolled into years and the older I got, this feeling only intensified.

2020, having been spent not only doing the same thing day in day out, but, because I was working from home, in the same place, was an even more poignant example of this.

Luckily, since I had nowhere else to be, I was able to record this song that had haunted me every Advent for the past five years. And in 2020, the Ghost of Christmas Past and Christmas Present are finally free. As for Christmas Future – we’ll see to that later.