Weġgħat Żgħar album launch

TroffaĦamra (Ruth Abela IRL) will be launching her new album Weġgħat Żgħar on March 31st at 18:00 at the Blue Arena in Ħaż-Żabbar, and I will be opening the show with a set that will probably be quite different to the one I played at Ħolmasonika.

Weġgħat Żgħar represents an evolution in her sound, and after having seen her perform some songs off it at the Djun concert last winter, I’m really looking forward to see the songs in their full live glory.

Taking on a project of this sort as a solo artist is a feat in itself, moreso without the support of a record label or external funding, and I’m really happy to celebrate this milestone with her and the rest of the fantastic musicians who will be joining her on stage on the 31st.

Tickets are available at the following link: Ticketline.

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